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Hansa Bygg Grand Prix Kalmar ELIT

Criteruíum race friday 29 maj  2020 in the heart of Kalmar, on a spectacular and audience-friendly course.

Race distance: 60 minutes + 2 laps.

Start: 7.30 PM


Prize money

1st place 30.000 SEK 2nd place 5.000 SEK3rd place 3.000 SEK4th-10th place 500 SEK



Swedish Cycling Federation´s rules and regulations applies. One (1) grace lap applies up and until 60 minutes. Participation at own risk.



Registration must take place no later than 19th July.To register, e-mail a complete list with the name of allriders in the team to info@kalmargp.se.

  Post race dinner: All riders are invited to a post race dinner at Kalmar Stadshotell at 9.00 pm.

Accommodation. Riders and crew are eligible to special rates at Best Western Kalmarsund Hotel. www.kalmarsundhotel.se/+46 480 480 430

Race director: Jan Hammarkvist, info@kalmargp.se

Hansa Bygg Grand Prix Kalmar Elit är ett varvlopp mitt i centrala Kalmar med en herrklass. För att delta i Hansa Bygg Grand Prix Kalmar Elit måste du ha elitlicens.

The city of Kalmar is full of contrasts.  It´s a vibrant place where history meets present. Historic buildings, cobblestone-streets and lovely parks give the city it´s charm and character. At the same time you will find a broad range of restaurants, pubs, shops and galleries. Kalmar is home to multinational companies, a modern university and an airport just a ten minute drive from the city centre. Welcome to Kalmar! Art, culture, design, food, entertainment and shopping!  

Welcome to Kalmar

Class Male Elite

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